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Disaclaimer: My little pony: friendship is magic belongs to hasbro. the grifix are a fan-made original closed species and are not afiliated in any way with hasbro or mlp:fim.

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Well hello! I’m really glad to see you coming here to read this, and really hope you’ll stay till the end! Because let me tell you, this will be one long journey, and not even I can tell when it will end!

Whether you are here for the first time, or you are a returning friend, I shall guide you through this mysterious story that the grifix hide behind. You should be happy that you found this place, for not every mortal can walk through the dark woods that hide us! And many get lost along the way, prey to the wandering timberwolves and hidden monsters in this forest. But do not fear, cause you have me to guide your way!

Oh, who am I? Well perhaps you’ll find that out in the future, but for now think of me as a friend, a guiding light through these narrowed paths. You’ll get to learn all about what I am with time! As long as you stick around, of course…




This is a journey to uncover the story about the grifix… So let me start with a few words about them. The grifix are a species hidden to most of those who have eyes to see and a mind to remember. Only the children and the animals can see them. Out of the intelligent species, only the deer can see them, as a result of thousands of years of coexistence between the borders of these woods. But if you do find a way to look at them, you’ll notice a pony-like creature, with paws on their front legs, strangely shaped ears, wings formed for flying through the narrow trees, long fluffs on certain parts of their body and a few peculiar gemstones on their chest, wielding a strong magic power, that gives shape to one of the most unique things about them: the sphirix.

The sphirix are manifestations of the grifix soul, which take the shape of an animal. They are only visible to the grifix they belong to. They may just be the most significant thing about grifix, the one thing that makes them be grifix.

Now let me tell you a couple words about their way of living. Three Grifix settlements are known so far: the Everfree Village, the Lost Tribe and the Divided Grifix Camp. They aren’t a very advanced species, mostly forming tribal societies. The first Grifix to have ever lived was Queen Starla, who founded the first Grifix Village, from where all the current settlements formed. Their magic forms a magic dome around the areas where there are many grifix, and that dome keeps most of the other creatures out, protecting them. This way, none of their settlements have been discovered so far.

If you would ask me to tell you what the grifix are in the simplest way possible, I’d probably say they’re just cat ponies. Cause in the end, that’s just what they are.




I have described their appearance in a few words above, but here is a picture to help you understand better:



Now let me go a bit into what each of the Grifix settlements are. I shall begin with the Everfree Village, being the biggest and most developed of them. The Everfree Village is a village in the Everfree Forest. The Grifix there descend directly from the first grifix village, sharing the same culture, religion and organization as the first grifix settlement. They are ruled by an immortal Queen, who’s immortality is passed down to the next queen when she wishes to retire. There have been five queens and one king so far. The current one is Selenara. The Everfree Village grifix don’t know of the existence of the other grifix settlements, believing they are the only grifix in the world.

The next settlement, the Lost Tribe, is a tribe of grifix that descended from a small group of grifix that was once left behind by the first village in the time of a migration. They worship that group of grifix, called the First Warriors. They are ruled by a King, but at the top of the hierarchy is the immortal priestess, Yantarka. They are on an eternal seek of vengeance for the village that left them behind. They believe that Starla is still alive and wish for her death.
Another settlement is that in which the trifix reside. The trifix are a subspecies of grifix that evolved in the darkest, deepest part of the Everfree Forest. They live in a settlement called the Forbidden Colony deep in the forest. The settlement has been founded and is still ruled by Queen Oracle, the first Trifix, around 550 years ago. They seek to get revenge on those who have wronged Oracle in the Everfree Village. The Everfree Grifix are unaware of this threat lurking close in the woods.

The last known settlement is the Divided Grifix Camp, a small settlement in Ghastly Gorge, made out of a grifix subspecies that came to be through the attempt of a unicorn to breed with a grifix. They were initially a group of outcasts from the Everfree Village, until they became fully independent. They worship Mother, the goddess persona of one of their ancestors, who’s grave their camp is built around.

Two thousand years in the future, following the second great migration, a new settlement emerges from the snow of the Frozen North... They call it the Frozen Empire, the biggest grifix settlement to have ever existed, made of the descendants of all the old settlements, united in one. They are organized in a guild system, ruled by a council made of the leaders of the 12 biggest guilds in the Empire. Legend speaks of a Head of the Council, but nobody knows who that really is, as they never seem to show themselves...

✦ ✦ ✦


You should now know a summary of what the grifix are. But this is a mere crumb of information, and if you want to know more, feel free to register and continue your jurney through the grifixverse! But that is not all, for, like I said, this journey has yet to meet its end. If you wish to take this journey with us, feel free to join our Discord server to have access to everything as soon as it happens! But if you wish to part ways here, I can only wish you well, my friend.